Cinque Terre Guided Tour from Florence

The Cinque Terre is a coastal area within Liguria. It comprises 5 villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

The Cinque Terre guided tour is a small group guided tour from Florence, a day trip outside of Tuscany region to visit one of the most enchanting coastal areas of Italy with its five picturesque sea villages.

The tour starts with an early morning pick-up at your accommodations since this is at least an 11 hours tour with an air-conditioned transport. The trip to La Spezia takes approximately two hours, from here we will make our way into the hidden villages of Cinque Terre where for the walking lovers, the best way to discover the area is to hike at least from once village to the next one, otherwise there are 2 more options: ferry if there is good weather or local train.

From La Spezia we reach Riomaggiore, where we will stop and visit the small shops, and sea views.  From here we will decide to take the ferry or the train to Manarola, here we will take a break for lunch, and I suggest you search out local recipes and experience their special pesto sauce and focaccia or their local white wine: Sciacchetrà DOC.

Sciacchetrà is probably the most important and most famous product of Cinque Terre. An incredible liquor wine that is produced from the grapes that grow of the steep hills of Cinque Terre.

The cultivation of this vineyards is so hard that the Sciacchetrà  makers are called heroic viticulturists. So let’s see discover togheter what they have to do to obtain this amazing wine.

Don’t forget to bring your bathing costume as you have oppurtunity to swim in Vernazza or Monterosso at least for sure.

There will be plenty of time for photos and shopping while on the Cinque Terre small group guided tour from Florence at all destinations for local products at the artisans’ shops which are filled with linen, pottery, olive oil, and wine.

Ferrari & Lamborghini Museum Full Day Tour from Florence

Join our favorite full-day tour, visiting the Ferrari museum and the Lamborghini factory & museum!

Your first stop will be the Enzo Ferrari museum that includes Enzo’s birth house and a new futuristic building. It offers a unique and enthralling voyage of discovery, a story told through cars that have made automotive history on streets and circuits the world over.

Next will be the Ferrari museum located at the historical site of the factory. Enthusiasts and fans will discover an amazing exhibition of more than 50 cars, an F1 pit-stop reconstruction and a section entirely dedicated to the life of Mr. Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari & Lamborghini Full Day Tour

Your last stop will be the Lamborghini factory and museum amazing guided tour along the assembly lines and the upholstery department. At the museum, fans will also discover an amazing exhibition of 20 cars between historic and newer models.

Walking along Lamborghini’s assembly lines is not included, for those interested, extra charge.

There is also an opportunity to the thrill of a semi-professional Formula 1 simulators and the exhilarating driving experience on public roads.

Ferrari Museum

In the Ferrari Museum, you will have the chance to sit into a semi-professional Formula 1 simulator and get a taste of the kind of exhilarating driving that F1 drivers experience during grand prix. After a short briefing, you get into the cockpit and begin a virtual experience. 

Lamborghini Museum 

It is so much more than a museum. Here, we will find:

  • The beginnings with Ferruccio and his early successes:
  • 350 GT and Miura
  • The key models from then to now
  • Racing cars, including Formula 1
  • The main stages of technological development are: 4×4, aluminum, carbon fiber, and hybrid
  • The Lamborghini jewels: its engines
  • The new Lamborghini Urus.

Florence Cooking Class with Locals

Though many come to Florence to see the art, the architecture and historic sites which have changed the course of history several times over, it is without a doubt wine and food which linger in their memory when they go home.

If you are looking for a cooking class in Florence, you have found the right opportunity. This hands-on class will take place in the historic center of the Tuscan city and may include a guided food and wine tour through Florence's historic food markets.

A classical Tuscan meal in the heart of Florence

Florence Tour has an exclusive opportunity for guests to meet with the locals and become apart of creating a classical Tuscan meal in the heart of Florence with the aim of teaching Tuscan traditions of food & wine.

The experience is more than just learning how to cook the family recipes but a moment in the day of a real Florentine family! Where Paola herself and sometimes Allegra, her daughter,  is helping her out too.

Gather in the family home, just a short walk from the historic center, roll up your sleeves and risk a bit of flour in your hair as you make a full meal together with your hostess.

The 'Florence Cooking Class' menu consists of 4 courses, which you will savor at the end of the 3-hours preparation

There will be classical Tuscan appetizers, an entertaining hands-on handmade pasta, a main course with vegetables and everyone’s favorite dessert: Tiramisu!  Of course, the meal is accompanied by wine, bread, and coffee.

This is one the best ways to create lasting memories of Florence and building lifelong friendship – over a plate of ravioli and a red Chianti Classico wine glass.

This is can be a kid-friendly cooking class too since this a private one and we can customize the class at every request.

There is the extra possibility to add a visit at the local Mercato Centrale in San Lorenzo area of Sant’ Ambrogio food market  and to purchase vegetable, cheese, meet with Paola  and to get to know the local producers.

Check out Paola availability and book your cooking class as soon as you can.

Shore Excursions from Livorno Port: Pisa and Florence

Add adventure to your cruise ship experience with Pisa and Florence Shore Trip departing from Livorno Port and heading out to see the monuments and museums of Pisa and Florence.

Pisa, undeniably has one of the most photographed monuments in Tuscany

The slant, just under 4°, gives the bellower its the name: the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But did you know there is so much more to see in Pisa?

Before we spend time exploring the Piazza dei Miracoli with the tower, baptistery, cathedral, “campo santo” and museums we will explore the inner city, the Arno River and the famous persons who once resided here, like Galileo.

⇒ Tickets to climb the Tower of Pisa will need to be purchased in advance (you can do that at this website  Please advise if you want to climb the almost 300 steps to the top, so we can make appropriate time allocations. The booking for these tickets is possible 45 days in advance, the earlier the better – they run fill-up quickly. Be sure to bring photo ID if you have a ticket to climb the tower of Pisa.

Piazza dei Miracoli with the Leaning Tower

Pisa, once served as one of the main Italian maritime republics, until the sand and sediment from the Arno river moved the shoreline towards what is now Livorno and your port of call.

From mysterious beginnings, this city is now famous worldwide for its leaning bell tower, Pisa also boasts a beautiful cathedral, one of the earliest known universities (from the 1200’s), over 20 churches and home to many special talents like that of Andrea Bocelli.

Next stop: Guided Tour of Florence, the Renaissance city

Michelangelo's David

We will start with an amazing panoramic view from above at Piazzale Michelangelo where you can see the major monuments and the Florence skyline. We will skip the lines and view the white marble statue David by Michelangelo, as well as many other famous sculptures and paintings at the Accademia. (The museum is closed on Mondays).  

Our walking tour of the city will include visiting the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore (outside only) and the Baptistery which is located in front of the marble facade of the church. We will also explore the antique, cobbled-stone streets of Florence and view Piazza Signoria, the impressive town hall from the 14th-century, Ponte Vecchio which spans the Arno RiverDante’s house and the beautiful church of Santa Croce, the final resting place for several of Florence’s illustrious giants – like that of Michelangelo and Machiavelli.

The capital of Tuscany, Florence, is a gem to behold. It’s antique origins reach as far back as the Etruscans and Romans and the city streets are filled with subtle reminds of their influence. The Medici family had a large influence on its growth to power and epicenter for the arts. They were experts amassing funds to conquer neighboring towns (including Pisa) and known as great patrons to the arts, which are the basis for many of their renowned museums including the Accademia and the Uffizi Gallery.

Please note, if due to inclement weather the cruise ship needs to dock in La Spezia, there will be an adjustment in travel costs.

Tuscany Outlets Shopping Tour

This is a tour tailored for people who want to really view Italian fashion at its source, especially since Italian laws have recently allowed for the creation of outlets stores.

Thus, there is a great opportunity for brand names at outlet prices.

Our tour Includes stops at Prada, Gucci, Armani, Loro Plana, Sergio Rossi, Yves Saint Lauren, Bottega Veneta, Fendi, and Dolce & Gabbana official outlets, where you are guaranteed to find that prices are considerably lower than in boutiques.

NCC Guide florence and Tuscany

We are always checking out new outlets for our customers – but if you have a special brand in mind – just let us know in advance.

This offer includes the drive to and from your Hotel and 3 hours of shopping.

Add another location

Don’t think you can manage a full day shopping? or perhaps you like the idea of mixing the Chianti countryside, wine tasting and outlet shopping all in the same trip?

Let Paola know at the time of booking and she will provide itineraries that include everything in one wonderful day.

Add an authentic Tuscan meal

We love to suggest a morning of shopping and an afternoon of cooking! We can hardly think of anything else more Tuscan than finding your favorite designer labels and then preparing a great Tuscan meal with some of the best local wines. Ask Paola to organize both!

Tuscan Meal

Special Tuscany & Beyond Tours




Sometimes you want to get out of the classic Tuscan tours and experience a Tuscany tour customized just for you, based on your actual needs and desires.

And often even go beyond Tuscany and Florence to visit some classic sites nearby, such as Cinque Terre or the Ferrari and Lamborghini Museums.

Paola and her partners have prepared some bespoke tours that explore some of these very special destinations.

Private 9 seats van with NCC license to enter in the traffic limited zone.

If you don't find what you are looking for then contact Paola & partners and they will create the tour of your dreams - tailor made for you.

My great experience and knowledge of the Tuscan region allows me to guide you to visit all its jewels. I will be happy to help you discover our beautiful territory.

Our tours can also include wine tasting, cooking classes. We can arrange shopping tours departing from Florence or shore excursions from your cruise ship from the port of Livorno.

Consider that one day in Tuscany is enough to discover most of the region. We can organize intensive tours to Lucca and Pisa, San Gimignano and Chianti, Siena.