Join our favorite full day tour visiting the Ferrari museum and the Lamborghini factory & museum!

Your first stop will be the Enzo Ferrari museum that includes Enzo’s birth house and a new futuristic building. It offers a unique and enthralling voyage of discovery, a story told through cars that have made automotive history on streets and circuits the world over.

Next will be the Ferrari museum located at the historical site of the factory. Enthusiasts and fans will discover an amazing exhibition of more than 50 cars, an F1 pit-stop reconstruction and a section entirely dedicated to the life of Mr. Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari & Lamborghini Full Day Tour

Your last stop will be the Lamborghini factory and museum amazing guided tour along the assembly lines and the upholstery department. At the museum, fans will also discover an amazing exhibition of 20 cars between historic and newer models.

Walking along Lamborghini’s assembly lines is not included, for those interested, extra charge.

There is also an opportunity to the thrill of a semi-professional Formula 1 simulators and the exhilarating driving experience on public roads.

Ferrari Museum

In the Ferrari Museum, you will have the chance to sit into a semi-professional Formula 1 simulator and get a taste of the kind of exhilarating driving that F1 drivers experience during grand prix. After a short briefing, you get into the cockpit and begin a virtual experience. 

Lamborghini Museum 

It is so much more than a museum. Here we will find:

  • The beginnings with Ferruccio and his early successes:
  • 350 GT and Miura
  • The key models from then to now
  • Racing cars, including Formula 1
  • The main stages of technological development: 4×4, aluminum, carbon fiber, hybrid
  • The Lamborghini jewels: its engines
  • The new Lamborghini Urus.

Start time at 9AM
  • Pick-up hotel or accommodations
  • Italian, English, French & German language
  • Add a lunch to your itinerary upon request
  • This is a walking tour
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